Day 1- Fake it 'Til You Make it

I am above and beyond excited!

What about you?

Let's begin by smiling and giving yourself kudos for taking this step to a new and better you!

It is important to realize the small things. Through this process, you will train your mind to pay attention to the small details and find the DIVINE in EVERYTHING (no matter how crazy it seems)!

For instance, in the beginning of this you were asked to smile.

This small action sends messages to your brain and happy chemicals are activated (this is my super sophisticated scientific jargon - LOL!) AND it works even if you FAKE it.

So all in all, the smallest gesture can catapult you in a more abundant direction. What's even better, you can do it unknowingly and it will still work.

This is just one quick example of how you will make small tweaks that will help your mind to release low vibrations. As a result, you open yourself to reprogram, restart, and renew your perspective about yourself.


 "The Mind is all and the Universe is Mental"

-The Kybalion

You have Three parts to your mind: The Conscious Mind, The Subconscious Mind, and The Unconscious Mind.

We will begin with The Unconscious Mind, because this is the part of the mind that you use without thinking. It is what you use to breathe, signals when you need the restroom, etc.

The conscious mind is where your logic and reasoning comes from. It is the part of the mind you use mostly when you are learning (in school). You have developed this part of the mind ever since you entered into school.

The conscious mind is also your EGO. The ego is something that every human has, but in most people, it is the driving force in their existence. Your ego is always hating on you. 

Let me explain.

Your conscious mind tells you what you will or will not do, it will stop you from exploring new ideas by sneaking in things like doubt and worry to deter you from doing something out of what is considered 'normal' by society.

Your Subconscious Mind is developed by three things: Repetition, Trauma, and Symbols. So when things occur in life, you record it with your subconscious mind. A key note to remember is that the subconscious mind does not know right or wrong, good or bad. It records what it is given. It also needs a goal to accomplish.

Therefore, it is important to learn to use the information that you receive (the repetition, trauma, and symbolism) to influence your conscious mind when it comes to making decisions.

In other words, your conscious mind is driving the boat, but your subconscious mind knows just how much to reduce the speed to make navigation successful.


When growing up I was teased for being tall. I was taller than the boys in my class and they never looked to me as being as attractive as my shorter schoolmates. This obviously would cause me to have low self esteem and self-confidence. Due to this, I always dressed like a tom-boy and never wore heels, even though I secretly adored them. 

OK, lets look at how the subconscious is being programmed.  I was REPEATEDLY teased, it TRAUMATIZED me because I felt ugly, and the SYMBOLISM was that I was NEVER going to be able to change it (unless I changed how I perceived the situation).

Now, the conscious mind (EGO) had me wishing I was shorter, so that I would not be teased and, furthermore, asked if I played basketball.

Remember, the subconscious mind needs a goal.

Here is the magic:

I'm shopping for shoes and all of the flats were granny-like and none matched the outfit I wanted to wear. There were heels that matched perfectly, in my size, and they were on SALE.

Talk about alignment! Now, I could have just shrugged it off, but I was tired of the numerous flats I had at my house. 

I put those strappy sandles on and strutted up and down the aisle. A lady walked past me and said, "You are wearing those shoes, girl!" - SOLD

The next day, I wore those shoes on campus. I walked across the courtyard and got more head turns than ever! Even better, my feet didn't hurt! 

RESULT: I gave my subconscious mind a positive goal to reach. It was a healthy, positive goal that strengthened my confidence. No longer could my ego keep me in a small scared box full of flat shoes.


Today you will take a picture where you can clearly see your face.

After taking it, immediately record what you think of yourself.

Write down the first five things that come to mind about your picture.

If you think something negative but write down something else, guess what, YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND STILL KNOWS.

Now, what was the vibration of what you wrote about yourself? Did you talk about yourself in a positive or negative way?

Be honest with yourself.

Next, save the picture as your lock screen or wallpaper. You should be able to see it when you pick up your phone to use it. 

Now, write an affirmation (ex. I am breathtaking. Breathtaking am I). 

I will explain the reasoning for why you write it that way on Day 2.

Set your alarm for a certain time where you can focus on your picture and repeat your affirmation. This activity is starting to reprogram your mind, beginning with how you view yourself.

In addition, each time you pick up your phone, look at your self and recite your affirmation.

You are on your way to a limitless and prosperous YOU!

Complete and Continue