21 - Days to form a habit!

Welcome to the 21-Day Trauma Release!


First, congratulate yourself on taking the step to clear out past hurt. It takes 21 days to form a habit. So, here's to living a life full of peace, prosperity, and abundance!


This process will work you mentally, so be open to changing your perception about past experiences. How you handled trauma before is not how you are embracing those experiences moving forward. This process will CHANGE you. You will no longer be able to hide behind, "This is because of my trauma," statements. The traumatized mindset you had, and the story you have been writing in the shadow of unrest, will cease to EXIST! You will no longer need the HURT you endured to dictate how you LIVE.  


This is not a process about 'holding on' to the old way. You have taken the initiative to uncover the REAL YOU, so there are no short-cuts! There will be tears, there will be reflection, but ultimately, THERE WILL BE GROWTH! So, do yourself a favor and SMILE each time you complete a task in your 21-Day Trauma Release course.

Embrace what is to come, because after this, you will NEVER be the same!

 Be willing to forgive yourself and embrace the PEACE that is waiting for you.

About the Release:

Oracle Readings

*Each day you receive an Oracle reading.

*This reading will give perspective on approaching your desires.

Methods and techniques

*Daily tasks allow you to immediately put to practice techniques for trauma release.

*It is recommended that you have a journal or utilize your smartphone to document your feelings throughout this process.

*What has been helpful is to record yourself each week. This helps you to also measure your progress. You will witness how your tone, experiences, and your energy shifts throughout the 21 days.


It takes 21 days to start a habit, and baby, this habit is PERMANENT!

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